Why are people so stupid?

ME: Hi, thanks for chatting in with US, my name is ME, how are you doing today?

IDIOT: Why was my sale cancelled?

ME: Let me check!…….So it looks like you never confirmed that you sent the items over, like you agreed to.

IDIOT: I can send over proof that I did send it over, though!

ME: I don’t doubt that you did, but since you never confirmed with us that you did, we had to assume that you didn’t since we sent out multiple emails to fulfill properly (which includes confirming delivery). We don’t have access to that system, so we had no way of telling that the stuff was sent.

IDIOT: But they received the stuff. They confirmed it on that system and everything!

ME: ………….

IDIOT: I demand you to have someone call me tomorrow so I can get paid for your mistake!!!

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