I don’t have a monitor/screen

So this is a short one.
I did like most people do as a support guy on 1st line lets call me ted a.k.a $me and then there was this person in the company $mr.noscreen.

$me: Hello talking to ted.
$mr.noscreen: I can’t log in on windows.
$me: Okey what error do you get on the screen? Does it show any message?
$mr.noscreen: It’s black…. I don’t have a screen, BUT i have a computer.
Me thinking to myself… not even gonna question it lets roll with it.
$me: Sooo, what message does your computer show when you try to login?(note that he does mean the actually computer and not his screen).
$mr.noscreen: It says Account blocked.
$me: Okey, I’ll go ahead and unlock it so please try and login again.
$mr.noscreen:Oh it works now. Thx.
I’m a trainee doing my 1st job in IT on my 4th day and I can tell you we had a good laugh at this once we hung up 🙂

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