Distracted Driving 2.0, followed by the tale of the Wedding.

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I work for a roadside assistance club as a graveyard shift dispatcher who also takes roadside assistance calls (graveyard wears many hats). The first story happened a couple months ago, the second just the other day.

Distracted Driving 2.0

Me: Thank you for calling roadside assistance club, my name is Sword, how may I help you?

Member (defeated tone): I crashed my car on the freeway just past the bridge. I got distracted. I thought to myself he was obviously texting while driving. Classic. Cue disgust.

Me: Are you safe?

Member: Yes, I’m off to the side.

Me: What else can you tell me about what happened? I needed more info on the kind on the damages to the vehicle.

Member (one of the most sheepish, embarrassed tones I’ve ever heard): …..I thought I saw a spider.

The Wedding.

The other day we kept getting calls from the same location. After around three of these, we all started to wonder what was going on. Finally, we were told by one of the members that they had come to attend a wedding, and the bride decided not to show up. The groom got so angry that he decided to slash a bunch of the guests’ tires. So now we know why she never showed up, looks like she dodged a bullet.

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