What Happens When a Customer Can’t Take No for an Answer.

I work for a large cell phone company in the U.S. and we have implemented a new experience for our customers where we only handle calls from a specific market of customers. So this means that my team only handles a specific group of customers so that way they always get to talk to the same groups of reps each time they call in.

This helps to keep us more accountable with the information we provide to customers in the way that if I give info and the customer calls back talking about it, then the person sitting next to me who got the call can confront me and ask about what I said. It also serves to provide customers with a consistent experience no matter who they talk to….for example:

M= Me

IC= Incompetent Customer

M: Thanks for calling blah blah intro, how can I help?

IC: my services are suspended and I want to know why!

M: oh no, well let’s take a look and figure that out! Looking here I see we have a past due amount of over $450 that was due a little over a month ago, did you want to make a payment for that today?

IC: What?! How is my balance that high?! I only have 2 lines on my account and paid not too long ago!

M: Informs IC that he hasn’t paid for 2 months and has restoral fees for being suspended on top of his two iPhone X’s that he is financing with a bunch of accessories (very expensive)

IC: Oh ok, well I shouldn’t have to pay those restoral fees, I was out of the country!

M: Well did you contact us to put a temporary suspension on the lines when you left?

IC: No…

M: Well I’m sorry but those fees are valid as that was not done and you were making phone calls outside of the country using your services anyway.

IC: Well they need to be waived or else I won’t pay

M: Sir, I see here that we have waived your restoral fees 3 times this year alone already which is excessive as each customer is only allowed one waive per the life of the account. So the fees stay. If you don’t wish to pay then your services won’t be turned back on.

IC: whatever, I’ll call back and get someone else to do it. click

M: Memos the account and gets ready for the next call


M: Blah blah intro, how can I help?

IC: I just talked with u/powdydoody and we talked about getting my restoral fees waived. Can you do that for me?

M: Sir, that was me you just talked with. Whenever you call in you get to the same team so you’ll get me or someone sitting next to me who can see my notes each time. The restoral fees stay no matter who you talk to.

IC: oh ok, I actually just wanted to see how much my bill was, I forgot

M: thinking: sure, good excuse. Gives bill balance and call disconnects


M: intro intro intro, how can I help?

IC: Were we just talking?

M: Yes, it’s me. The answer will be the same. You can call us when you want to pay but the fees will be on there.


I put notes all over the account saying what happened and he got flagged as a repeat caller. If he keeps calling about that he can be put on paper correspondence only so we’ll see what happens. This was a rather satisfying experience for me as I got to repeatedly own the no on what seems to be a consistent credit abuser (always asking for credits).

Some people don’t understand that you have to pay for phone service. It’s not a right, but a privilege. We give ways to extend bills up to 28 days past the due date and this customer had exhausted all options.

Thanks for reading!

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