I’m not Facebook tech support, and why was this call even transferred to me?

I currently work at a center that does webhosting technical support for over 170 different companies…but 0 for the brands are Facebook..this particular call I was answering was for a brand that’s also american service provider

Me: this is -name- from webhosting technical support! How can I help you?

CX: hi ! I hope you can help me.. someone keeps hacking my Facebook page. The posts aren’t too inappropriate but they’re still not mine!

Me: oh, your facebook is hacked? I’m sorry about that, are you hosting your business’ website with us?

CX: no…

Me: Oh I see. I’m afraid to say that I won’t be able to help you with your Facebook page, but if you click on the menu there’s a link to contact their own support team, I’m sure they can help! .. Unfortunately I don’t have the necessary tools to directly fix this for you…

CX: oh okay, sorry I didn’t think you’d be able to but the person I was speaking with before just transferred me to you..

Me: sorry about that, I guess departments don’t always have the…best understanding on each other’s description

Holy shit if the person who transferred this poor lady to me is reading this… Fuck you

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