Spanish Lessons from Mr Customer.

I used to take inbounds call for an USA bank. Once a customer called because he was going to be in Costa Rica the following week and he wanted to be able to use his credit card there.

Me: Yours truly

C: Customer

*I asked all the information I needed to locate his account*

Me: You are going to be in Costa Rica from *this date* to *this date*. Is that correct sir?

C: No

Me: No? I apologize then sir, may you repeat me the dates please?

C: The dates are correct, the country is wrong, I’m going to be in COSTA RICA.

*I was confused because I just told him that, but I thought he may have misheard me or maybe we had a bad connection*

Me: Yes sir, you are going to be in Costa Rica from…

C: No, I’m going to be in COSTA RICA. Why do you pronounce it so weird? It’s COSTA RICA.

Me: I’m afraid I’m lost here.

(I was seriously confused about what was going on)

C: Here is an advice: If you are in America, learn english, or just go back to your country. You can’t even pronounce Costa Rica, for fucks sake.


  1. This guy thinks the words Costa Rica are in english.
  2. I’m a native spanish speaker, I know how to pronounce Costa Rica.
  3. He was giving me shit about “Knowing english if I’m in America* but he was going to Costa Rica without the first clue that’s spanish for “Rich Coast” (hypocrisy much?)
  4. I don’t even live in America anyway. *

Me: if you feel more comfortable with a native english speaker I can get you one sir.

C: Yes please.

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