Send me new documents for my closed account!

Often in the electricity industry we get Third Parties or Brokers who are supposed to manage accounts on behalf of the customer, but often they are completely incompetent. This is one of those times. I will be Me and she will be Annoying Broker (AB)

Email from AB: Hi Ladies, I need a new electricity certificate for this account. The old one has expired!

She then calls in a few seconds later. AB expects a response instantly and will harass you if you don’t get back to her ASAP.

Me: Hi Ab. This account closed in August, and it wasn’t in a contract when it left us, so we would not look send a new certificate.

AB: But why is it closed? It’s not closed!

Me: It is. As of August we are no longer the electricity supplier.

AB: Who organised this? It should still be with you!

Me: I wouldn’t know. (We don’t know. We just get a formal notification from another department that an account is leaving). You need to speak to your colleagues to find out.

AB: Well I will ask! I still need that certificate you know.

Me: As I said, the account isn’t active anymore. We can’t offer this service anymore. You’ll need to go to your new supplier to get an up to date certificate.

AB: -huffs- Fine. I was not aware of any of this!

Then some Broker you are! Not sure why the customer was paying you.

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