"Like a refugee"

Hey guys! On mobile, english not first language, etc

I work roadside assistance and today I had a day full of nasty customers. Full on toddler-like meltdowns every other call for no reason (wasn’t even a day where shit was late, we were on top of things).

I’m gonna tell you about the call that made me speechless.

Middle aged lady is gonna be EA for entitled ass.

Me – usual spiel

EA – I’ve been waiting here for a cab for 3 hours, I demand to know how long do I still need to wait.

Me – I’m sorry to hear about that, please hold while I take a look at this.

So I look at the notes. EA called at 18.15h asking for a towing service. We also always ask if the ocupants need transport back home (or whatever they want to go), the operator wrote on file that she said she had a ride from a family member and transport wasn’t needed.

EA called us again at 19.20h-ish asking for a cab. I see that we had some difficulty finding an available cab because it’s summer in a touristy hot country and there’s accidents and dead engines everywhere, but still.

It’s now 20.15h, so she actually has been waiting for only one hour since she asked for the cab. I see confirmation that the cab was sent, but she’s also in an area full of traffick. I’m not gonna disturb the poor driver on its way for this. Also I see she’s in a police station (she was towed from a bridge above a river and they took her there for safety), so she’s not in the middle of the road – she’s surrounded by cute guys in uniforms in a place where there’s toilets, coffee machines, fucking machines to buy snacks and most probably nice cool AC!

I get back to the call.

Me – thank you for holding, Mrs EA, I confirmed the taxi was sent and it should be there any minute –

EA – I’ve been waiting for 3 hours!!this is not acceptable!! Where is my goddamn cab?

Me – As I was saying, there’s very heavy traffick in the area but I can assure you it’s on its way and should be –

EA -3 hours!! I’ve been waiting for 3 hours!!

Me (using my firm ‘talk-to-the-toddler’ voice) – Actually when you called us asking for the towing service at 18.15h you said you had a ride, right? Then at 19h…

EA (full on meltdown) – 3 goddamn hours!! Like a GODDAMN REFUGEE!!! Nobody should suffer like this!!!!

So I pause. I don’t know what to say to a middle aged, middle class white bitch who’s comparing a 1 hour wait for a taxi back home to the suffering of a person fleeing a war zone. I just don’t have any words. So I stay silent while she keeps venting. I still stay silent when she gets tired and shuts up.

EA – Are you there? Are you listening to me?

long pause

Me – Mrs EA. Traffick is heavy. I assure you the cab is on its way. Is there anything else I can do for you?

EA – I don’t know why I pay for this service, to be treated like this,

Me (interrupting in the most calm voice I can find) – Is there anything else I can do for you?

EA – Do something! Talk to your company!! SEND HELICOPTERS!!

Me – Mrs EA, if there’s nothing else I can do for you I’m sorry but I’ll have to disconnect this call. Have a good day. click

It was a long day, guys. I love this job but today was just hard AF.

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