“I have a story for you…”

I’ll start with a back story. i work for a very large bank with lots call center locations. my location happens to be a repeat caller location. so if you call back multiple times in a day you get directed to one of us….


so i had this caller today that came through with no information populated. no name, account, nothing. so i do my greeting.. and the conversation went as follows:

“hello you’ve reached cx rep in xxxxx location, can i have your name please?”

“hi my name is Joe Customer. how’s the weather up there in xxxxx”

… so i tell the customer it’s been warm outside etc it’s summer blah blah blah

and his response?

“oohhhh okay you know i have a story for you i think you’re gonna find it funny. i make youtube videos…my channel is called Pedal Pushers… i was just in a branch the other day and the girl in the branch asked me when she could be in one of my videos, so i said anytime you want! so the girl says she’s getting out of work and she wants to be in a video so we go outside and she gets in my truck and she’s got red stiletto heels on and what not”

me fake laughing entire time

and continues to ask me if i wear heels and i flat out tell him no i wear flats and then ask

“anyway what can i help you with today?”

now at this point the girl that sits at the desk next to me is like “OHMYGOD I JUST HAD HIM HES NOT GONNA SAY ANYTHING HES GONNA HANG UP.”

what do you know?


so i’m in unavailable/aux whatever you would like to call it, FREAKING OUT at this point because the guy i was just talking to has a stiletto fettish… but i gather myself enough to start taking calls again….

it’s the end of the night at this point so i go to log off and i’m telling this other girl, that sits next to me what happened and she was like “oh yeah i just had him like 10 minutes ago. i asked him how i could help him and he just hung up on me. it was like 2 calls ago”



What do you think?

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