Incompetent Manager

I’ve been working in the call center and have worked just about every position at one point or another. Outbound & Inbound sales, verification, closer and management over a 15 year period. In between Ive always landed a tech support role and a lot of that was remote work which was done over the phone. After life happening I found myself back in a call center. I vetted them and got 50/negative feed back. Anyways I finally found a good balance between passion tech support and actually helping people for one of the largest telecommunications companies. No call center I’ve worked at gives 4 weeks of training and then has seasoned reps hold your hand the 1st week out of training just to make sure you can apply the information.

This is a large telecommunications company. I was actually surprised & impressed finally a good company that values employees and customers. Plus they also give you good  health, dental & eye benefits from your  start date. I’ve been waiting for catch. Random beatings, verbal abuse, over the  call metrics it’s to good to be true. After 90 days by I’m literally baffled nobody’s yelling or stroking out. Finally the other shoe drops and I get assigned a new supvisor which did not concern me first usually etc along with every one. Turns out 18 years of being in the same position made him a power hungry pick. He wanted complete submission not a team that  hehelped each other. Out of a possible 5 I maintained a 3.5 to a 4.0 since I started my call time was high but I was  exceeding there goal a 3.0 no lower.

Anyways to make a long short 4 months after beginning I was fired on my day off! If I would of picked up the phone. No I’m not joking this guy spent 2 days listening to my phone calls until he could twist one out of context that 12 days old. Basically, this call was out of scope and I had to transfer him. After I told an older gentleman that didn’t understand why I was transferring him to the retention dept opposed to the billing Dept. He was so I explained this Dept helps existing customers who want to cancel their services and try to help them in a different package. Billing Dept can fix account issues, cancel services for non payment or billing errors, etc. He convinced his higher  ups that I coached the old guy through getting discounted services which is not possible. Every reps handles things differently and this guy was paying what the top tier customer were paying for 5+ years. Anyways now I’m out of a job I liked due to a incompetent manager. Please tell me if you see this differently than I do I’m being completely honest on how the events unfolded.

What do you think?

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