About to be free from my headset chains!

Sorry for the ramble, I’m just super excited. TLDR: Risking everything to escape the call centre.

Just one week left and I’m out. I’ve decided to pack up my shit and take my son and I across the country to stay with my folks. I put in my official notice last week and I have a week of holiday set for me to get set up at an agency and start finding work asap.

I’ve posted once in here before but I have plenty more stories I’ll be more likely to share once I’m out.

After 5/6 years in a job that was supposed to be a temporary stop off point, campaign after campaign, department after department, an offer of toupee and an actual toupee. Poorly run, paid minimum and screamed at by customers. A mix of wonderful, incompetent or narcissistic managers over that time, I’m finally done.

I will no longer have to listen to people scream at me because they prioritise TV over food for their babies or because they don’t understand how direct debit or contracts work “I didn’t say you could take my money.”

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