A normal day on Amazon Tech support …

This is one of my favorites chats that i had working on Amazon Tech Support, my name on chat is Drake:

Drew : The vacuum sealer does not properly seal after vacuuming and only fully vacuum seals once every 3-4 times of use. 5:27:32 PM

Drake: Hello, my name is Drake. I’m here to help you today. 5:27:34 PM

Drew : Hey Drake 5:27:37 PM

Drew : I bought this vacuum sealer, used it twice and on my third time, the thing has essentially stopped working. 5:28:00 PM

Drake: I’m so sorry for this inconvenient, let me see what i can do here 5:28:20 PM

Drew : Okay, it’s really got me in my feelings :/ 5:28:30 PM

Drake: wait… i

see what you did there… 5:29:04 PM

kiki? 5:29:18 PM

Drew : It must have been God’s plan… :thinking_face: 5:29:20 PM

Drake: hahahahhaha 5:29:32 PM

Drew : I am sure you get that kind of stuff daily, but I had to try my hat at it 5:30:20 PM

Drake: haha i chucked actually 5:30:52 PM

Drew: pfft, probably just angry people wanting free stuff 5:30:53 PM

Drake: yup 🙁 5:30:58 PM

I have good new here 5:31:04 PM

Drew : Nice! 5:31:10 PM

I need some right now lol 5:31:18 PM

—-it was just a refund—-

Drew : Haha, that’s perfect 5:32:34 PM

Drew : Go ahead and refund the card and I will just chose another vacuum sealer to use 5:35:05 PM

Drake: Perfect 5:35:12 PM

Drew : Gotcha. I feel that – don’t ask, don’t tell. lolol 5:35:20 PM

Drake: HAHAHAH 5:35:50 PM

nice one xd 5:35:54 PM

Let do that 5:36:09 PM

Drew : Awesome, man. Thanks! 5:36:46 PM

Well, I can chalk this up to the second great experience I’ve had with Amazon support. 5:36:59 PM

I had one lady, who was super great, as well. So, I thank you. Others, not so much. lol 5:37:14 PM

Drake: Hahah i can say the same thing but with customer! 5:37:18 PM

Drake: if you don’t have any other question, i hope you “Take Care” hehe 5:39:30 PM

Drew : You’re the ‘Best I’ve Ever Had’ 5:39:56 PM

so thank you 5:39:57 PM

Drake: hahahah xd 5:40:00 PM

Drew : Take care, man! Haha

lol that was lead to an positive escalation and it was the WOW chat of the week basically, my team couldn’t stop laughing.

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