Well okay then…

I was driving into work today and I remembered a rather abrupt call I had with a client a couple of weeks ago that I thought I would share. Keep in mind our company doesn’t do cold calling, all clients give us their number and email address through either our website or our Facebook client.

Me: Hi this is Leah from Generic Shitty Pensions Company, you contacted us recently to discuss a claim on your pension. Would now be a good time to go over it?


Me: You gave it to us when you signed up for our service. We don’t cold call people so you must have given us your number yourself.

Her: Nah I didn’t!

Me: Well I don’t know what to say, we don’t buy client information from any third parties, you must have either done it through our website or Facebook client. Is now a good time to discuss your pension so we can potentially start a claim for you?

Her: Oh fuck off. *click*

At this point I’m shocked because it’s very rare people are that abrupt. They can be stupid or a little forceful because they’re stressed, but I’ve never had a client tell me to fuck off. They give us their details and it’s about their pensions, so for the life of me I cannot understand why people get annoyed when we call them. They consented to us calling them for god’s sake!

At this point I look at her archived notes and I see that she’s been a problem client for over 2 years, continually registering but never going through with our process as well as never picking up for appointments she’s booked. These sorts of people show up now and then at my job and I usually don’t think twice when I remove them from our system but this client… Oh I took great pleasure in clicking that ‘bin off’ button.

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