You want a credit? For two months?

I work in tier 1 support for internet/phone for really big ISP. And I’ve gotten different variations of this call all the time, bit this one will always stand out to me.

ME: standard greeting

C: My internet doesn’t work.

ME: apologies How long has the internet been down?

C: Two months.

ME: Did you say two months? Have you called about this previously?

C: Yeah. It’s been two months. And no, this is the first time.

Customer and I do some standard troubleshooting and turns out the Ethernet cord that connects modem and router was plugged in wrong

ME: Perfect! Glad we could get your internet back up and running. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

C: Yeah. Are you going to credit me for the time I haven’t had internet?

ME: Sure, I can go ahead and give you a courtesy credit for today.

C: But what about the two months I havent had internet?

ME: You want a credit? For two months?

C: Yes.

ME: I would love to be able to give you that credit, but since this the first time you’ve called in, I cannot credit you for two months because we are unable to verify that you’ve been without service. But I would be more than happy to credit you for today.

C: starts getting defensive and upset until after a few more reinterations of the above causes a light bulb moment Oh.

Call ends.

But I could never understand how someone would think that we’d give them a credit for two months of service without fact checking. Obviously it was most likely someone trying to scam me into giving them credit for services that have probably been working just fine. But still…

TD;DR: customer calls in with internet not working, wants a credit for alleged two months without service. No.

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