"But like… How"

So I get a call from a lady today who was between 30 – 40 years old wanting to know “how” to add a new line of service to her wireless account.

Cx: I want to know how I go about adding another phone to my account.

Me: Great! I’d be happy to help you! Did you need to purchase a new device or do you already have a device that you want to get connected?

Cx: I dont know.

eye twitch

Me: You don’t know. Okay, well do you have an extra phone that isn’t currently associated with a number?

Cx: No.

Me: Okay sounds like we need to get you a phone then. The price of adding the additional line is $X for service plan and then you have the installments for the phone on top of that amount. Phones will vary in price on monthly payments, just depends on what phone you choose.

Cx: Okay but like… how do I do that.

Me: I can set that up for you right now over the phone and either ship it to you or we can see if a local store has it available for pick up. You just pay the sales tax today.

Cx: I just want to know how.

Me: You give me your credit or debit card number and pay me for the sales tax.

Cx: silence and brief shuffling ….I don’t understand.

Me: What don’t you understand?

Cx: Like… how. I’m confused. Sales tax? What is sales tax…

Me: That’s your local sales tax you pay on things you buy in your state. You pay your sales tax which is based on the retail cost of whatever phone you buy. (They are in a state that does indeed have sales tax)

Cx: …..okay… well bye. click

I then see my supervisor roll away from their desk, laughing with their arms up in the air. They had been listening to the call and were just as lost as both myself and the customer were. WTF’s were had all around.

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