Yes, of course I have time. But can you hurry it up? I’m running late.

I’m getting so annoyed, every single cancellation call I’ve had the past two weeks goes something like this. I’m SHN, annoying lazy customers are ALC.

SHN, with all of the emphasis indicated by bold/italics: “I’m so sorry to hear you’d like to cancel, but I can absolutely assist you with that while we’re on the phone today? Is now a good time? Because the process can take a couple of minutes, and I wouldn’t want to disturb you if you’re busy.”

ALC: “Yeah, now’s a good time! Let’s get this done and over with.”

SHN: “Thank you so much.” *Follows the script to ask feedback questions*

ALC, literally only two minutes into it: “Can we hurry this up a little? I actually really have to get off the phone now, I need to pick my grandkids up from school.”

The responses vary from picking someone up, to needing to get to work, to “We’re taking a roadtrip and we’re about to drive through the forest, you might lose us! Can you just cancel the whole thing and be done????” As though I had not JUST asked, only two minutes prior, if now was a good time to talk!

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