I’m lazy

So today was a bit slow. Not many calls but I had some paperwork to work on today so I didn’t mind. This is also why, when I got a call that I don’t typically handle, I decided to be nice and take a look into it for the caller anyway so she wouldn’t have to wait for the standard 10-15 minutes in the queue she was supposed to go to.

Me: What can I do to help you today?

Rude Chick: I’m trying to enter this card number into the website to bill this customer, but it’s not working.

Me: I see. When you type it in what is the decline message?

RC: I don’t know. I got out of that screen.

Me: Okay. Let’s see if I can get it to pull up again, will you give me the card number?

RC: mumbles

Me: Sorry hun, I didn’t catch that, could you repeat that for me?

RC: mumbles slightly louder

Me: I am so sorry but I still didn’t hear you-

RC: putting phone directly in front of her mouth and yelling so loud I still can’t understand the first part-9! 8! 7! 5!!

Me: Ma’am…. I understand why you’re frustrated right now but when you yell at me like that it’s hard to understand and I can’t help you. Let’s just take it a few numbers at a time, ok?

I finally manage to get the number from her and get a decline message telling me basically something is wrong and to get another form of payment.

Me: Alright RC, it says that it was declined and to get another form of payment. I can’t see exactly what the issue is but my best advice for you is to let the customer know he needs to call our customer support team, and in the meantime he does need to give you a different card or cash or something to make sure you will still be paid for your services.

RC: Can’t I just talk to them and get it fixed?

Me: Unfortunately no, this likely is a funding issue and we can’t speak to you about this customer’s account information. He will need to to call in so we can tell him what to do to get the card up and running again.

RC: Well why don’t you just tell me what it is without giving me account information?

Me: I can’t, I don’t have access because I work with our partners like you and not the customers.

RC: Then why am I even talking to you? I want to talk to someone who can actually DO something!

Me: I have done something. I checked the card and found out that this is not a website or hotel issue and I’ve given you steps to take to resolve it. The customer needs to call us and you need to collect another method of payment for him, or you may not be paid. I’m trying to help you as best as I can.

RC: I want to talk to someone with access to his account who can make the card work.

Me: I can transfer you, but if he doesn’t have any money on his card there is nothing we can do and we can’t give you much information since you’re not the cardholder.

RC: So he’s broke??

Me: I don’t know. There are several things it could be, none of which we can discuss with anyone but the cardholder. Please tell him to call the number on the back of his card.

RC: You know what? I want your supervisor. You sound lazy.

Me: …. One moment please.

I put her on hold, and took a few deep breaths to calm down. It seems silly that she got under my skin so badly but she was VERY condescending and that bothers me personally quite a bit. Then I decided to notate the account to make sure my supervisor could pull it up when she spoke with RC. Wouldn’t want to be lazy and leave vague notes. An email from a co-worker popped up, asking me a question about some invoices I had looked into the other day, that was pretty important so I had to respond to that right away.

Now I’m thinking it might be best if I walk over to my boss’s desk and tell her about the call before I send it over. Wouldn’t want to be a jerk and cold transfer, you know? It’s only across the hall and I needed to stretch my legs, I’d been sitting all day and that’s just lazy. On my way over one of the newbies asked me a question about a call she was taking, I’m a team player so of course I stopped to listen and tell her how to fix the problem. I got over to my boss’s desk and explained what happened, she rolled her eyes and told me to send it over.

Wouldn’t you know it, by the time I got back she had hung up. I guess in my attempt to be thorough and not lazy I had taken too long for RC. Called over to my boss, said she hung up and shrugged, then took the next call. She never did get over to our department again so either she got the right queue and they told her the same thing I did or she took my advice and had the cardholder call in.

Yes I’m petty as hell.

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