Why is it every time I contact the wrong department, I can’t get help!

I’m not sure if this counts, but I work in a 24/7 call center for a university, but we do chats as well, and this is a chat story.

I work in the finances department, and received a chat to our finances queue on a SATURDAY that said this:

” Dropped from summer A session class, no longer eligible and I need to know why “

[After I verified the student]

(17:54:01) You said:

What are you showing that you’re ineligible for?

(17:54:31) Student said:

After reviewing your academic record, [SCHOOL] has determined that you no longer meet the enrollment requirements for the course(s) listed above. The online Course list [link] provides the details about course enrollment requirements.

(17:54:49) Student said:

this is the email I received and it simply makes no sense

(17:55:01) You said:

Ah, I see. You have reached the finances department. For assistance with this, you will want to reach out to your advisor on Monday

(17:55:58) Student said:

that is unacceptable, there should be assistance for this over the weekends, this is not the first time and I do not appreciate it

lol It was so absurd I didn’t even reply for like three minutes and she just got mad and went offline.

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