When reading flips the world upside down

Alright, so this one’s a bit of a throwback, because I haven’t worked at my old call center job for about three years now, but back when I was I was reading a book one day (like I did every shift), and you technically weren’t supposed to but the supervisors didn’t care, and neither did anybody else except for the owner, and I probably should’ve waited until he’d gone home before crackin’ that baby open, but he comes in, and he sees me, and he says “YOU AREN’T SUPPOSED TO BE READING”. Okay, whatever, I put it away, like I always do when I get caught (because they never do anything about it), and I figure I’ll just wait until he leaves to start back up again, but then about a minute later he comes back to make a speech about how important it is for productivity not to be distracted, and while he’s saying that he sees one kid in the corner on his smartphone, and he says “Are you on your smartphone!?”, and the kid says “YEAH, I’M ON TWO, WHO GIVES A FUCK, I’M THE MOST PRODUCTIVE PERSON HERE” and then the two of them go out back and you can hear them yelling at each other off in the other room for about TEN MINUTES, and he comes back in and says “I GUESS I’M QUITTING BECAUSE THE BOSS MAN IS TOO DUMB TO KNOW REAL TALENT WHEN HE SEES IT” and storms off. The owner comes back in, looks at the supervisor, and is all like “What’s THAT guy’s problem?”, and I shit you not the supervisor stands up, throws the keys at the guy and says “YOU CAN TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT” and then HE storms out as well. I think the two of them probably expected me to walk out with them, but of course I don’t, because it’s an easy job with flexible hours where I can read the whole time as long as the boss isn’t around, and the rest of the shift is the boss sitting at the supervisor’s desk, clearly oblivious to how fucking out of touch with the rest of the office he is. The next day I come in for morning shift and he tries to get me to make the coffee, which is the supervisor’s job, and I say “I don’t drink coffee, sorry” and the guy has to make the pot himself, which I immediately grab a cup of, and as I sip that coffee I just stare him down with the biggest grin I can muster because I know there’s no friggin’ way he can say anything to me knowing two people just quit in the middle of a survey lol. And the best part was that a new supervisor ended up getting hired who realized our pay was below average and ended up getting everybody raises, so you could say I really boosted morale by reading on the job

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