Old man on Christmas

This didn’t happen to me, but a colleague of mine. C: colleague. Om : old man

It’s short and not made up and not super happy.

It was on Christmas Eve. Very important. We work for an internet , telephone provider. OM calls in.

C: intro

Om: hello , is this “internet x telephone Hotline” very sweet and calm.

C: yes . Hello. How may I help you?

Om: is there a technical issue in townx with the telephone today?

C: looking up . Sorry no Sir. Everything looks fine .

OM: very sad tone then why haven’t my children called in today ? (As mentioned. It was Christmas Eve)

C: …

Colleague took a break after that and asked Teamleader to have a longer call with a customer. She was on her own costs talking to that old guy and made his Christmas.

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