Somebody’s getting slapped


I do tech support for a cell carrier over chat.

Customer: My husband’s iPhone 7 doesn’t ring when I call him. But it rings when his job calls him. What is going on???

Me: Oh, no! Do you have his phone with you so we can check into what might be going in?

Customer: Sure, let me go get it from him.

We check into the “Do No Disturb” settings, and then the blocks. She notices that he blocked her number. I’m feeling kind of awkward at this point so I try to crack a joke.

Me: Hopefully it’s an accident…

Customer: Oh, I’m sure it is. He’s not that tech savvy. And if it’s not, I’m going to slap him.

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  1. I’ve sooo had this call lol husband yelling at me because wife’s phone wont ring. It was also an iPhone so first thing I have him check is the do not disturb….sure enough it was on. I heard him telling her right as he hangs up on me lol

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