Well That’s Logical

Part of my job is authorizing credit card jewelry purchases the retail store associates run for customers.

Me: smiling (they can hear it!) welcome to authorizations blah blah blah store blah name….

Rep: Our customer has been patiently waiting, we are having lots of problems getting this purchase through, we had to do the transaction multiple times. The customer has changed his mind [about making just one purchase] so we rang up 2 purchases that we need combined onto the 48 months plan.

Me:I am happy to open a dispute to get the purchase combined, however this can take up to 90 days and it is not guaranteed the dispute team will combine them since one of the purchases does not qualify by itself at the moment. It would be best for our guest if you can please make return immediately for both purchases and ring them up under 48 months..”

Rep: “… well his due date isn’t until August so go ahead and open it.”

Me: “I cant guarantee it would be resolved by his due date. You will need to return it and ring it up as one transaction to best assist our guest”

Rep:”He’s already been waiting 15 min! It’s important and he doesnt have time! We are not taking another 15 min to return it when you can fix it right now!”

Me:”I’m sorry rep that there had been trouble getting the purchase through. I’m happy to accommodate our guest as best I can. We can fix it only though a dispute as our computer will process whatever your store sends to it. May I please speak with our guest and I’ll start the dispute?


G: This is me. I dont have time for this you need to fix my purchases right now.

Me:I know it’s frustrating when you’re in a hurry and the store wont fix your purchase. But I am happy to submit a dispute (explain dispute process 90 days blah blah).

G: you need to fix it now. They said you can!

Me: I’m sorry you were misinformed. I am happy to get the dipsute started since the store wont return the purchase.

G:let’s get this over with

Me: (going through dispute questions, it’s taking about 5 min)

G:look we need to hurry this up! I have to go! And I’m not waiting 15 min for a return!

Me: Returns typically only take a couple of minutes. We could have done several returns by now within the 15 min I have been speaking with you and the store.

G: well hurry up and finish. By the way, did you say the dispute was not guaranteed?

Me: That’s correct (explain dispute process again).

G: They’re just gonna void it and ring it up again.

G hands phone to rep

Rep: so can you please set the available credit for the return?

Me: Its all set! Only took a minute. all smiles still

Rep:thankshangs up quickly

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