You open when I say you open!

TL;DR Lady tries to argue with me about what time we close, basically says that we are open when she says she is open

Anyways, today I get a call from a lady that had a very heavy accent, we shall call her AL for Argumentative Loser. I’ll be Me because why the hell not. As a bit of background I work for a super small software company and our clientele doesn’t need a 24/7 call line, nothing can ever be that much of an emergency…

AL: (Leaves Voicemail the day before) Hello I call during your hours and you no answer, it not 5 yet, you need call me. If it not 5, that big factor, you need call back now (Not my grammar, this is exactly how she said it)

Me, calling her back: Hi this is me with that one company, how can I help you?

AL: Why you no call back yesterday while you still open?

Me: Well, we closed at 5 last night and you called us closer to 6pm. I did do my best to call you back first thing this morning though! Is there any-

AL (interrupting): No, you close at 5, I call at 4:50, you no closed

Me: Well there is a time difference between where we are, I apologize that we were unable to get back to you when you called but we had already closed and no one was available to call you back.

AL: No, you close when I say, and you no close!

Me: I’m sorry, we have set time frames in place for tech support calls There is nothing that I can do, they close the phone lines at 5pm our time and I am not able to make calls after that –

AL: No, close when I say, you call me back at 5!

Me: I just said I can’t do that, they close my phone lines. If you have questions after hours, you can leave us an email and we will respond as soon as possible.

AL: No phone call at 5, goodbye (hangs up)

Needless to say, she never got that call, never actually heard from her again and I’m fairly positive she closed her account. Good riddance…

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