Violently threw in the towel, so to speak

I just had an epic breakdown and quit my 1 and 3/4 year work at home call center job. Already regret it and terrified for the future however I’m in a mental health crisis and I’m on my last legs with this company so there is nothing else I can do, really. No other path to follow that is better than this as they’ve given me no outs.

Having worked at this call center for the last year and 3/4’s I truly think that it’s partially responsible for my break down. The home aspect of the job is amazing and my managers are nice so if it wasn’t for the absolutely psychotic customers I deal with all day long I would want to stay at this job forever.

Has/have any other call center reps been in this situation? Calls ever really get to you so much that you break down? Just need someone to tell me it’ll be okay as I feel like I’ve burned any bridges that would have led to further gainful employment from any type of center now thanks to this.

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