"No maam you cannot chosr to stay with us bit a stranger can cancel your account"

So I had a concerning email from my energy provider saying sorry I had left. Now if not contact them and had no plans on leaving. My contract isn’t due up until next year. I decided to call them to see what was happening.

I will be me. Call centre adviser will be CA

CA “good evening (blah blah blah opening intro and data protection checks)

Me “hi I’m calling as I’ve had a concerning email saying I have cancelled my energy account. I have no intention of leaving you and don’t know how this has happened so please stop the cancellation”

CA “hi yes I can see some called to cancel your account and move you to a new provider that’s why this has happened”

Me ” yes I understand that but that wasn’t me. Can you please put a stop to the cancellation and add a note to my account that only I am allowed to deal with this account “

CA “no. As we have received counications from someone to cancel your account we can’t undo this”

Me “there must be something you can do. Clearly someone unauthorized has accessed my account. There should be some calls to listen to or an investigation to be done”

CA “Nope..once you’ve told us to cancel that is it. Your new provider is xxxx. You need to talk to them now.

Me ” how did you even let someone else have access to my account. That’s them commuting fraud. You need to sort this please.

CA. “nyone can cancel your account and once that’s done it’s final”

I did ask to speak to a manager as I couldn’t believe that they could give some stranger access to my details and not do anything but apparently there wasn’t one available until morning so I will be calling back then.

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