Racist a-hole gets owned by manager

Ok, bit of backstory. I handled calls for a heating company for almost 2 years before my career in that field ended with a burn-out. Now, i didn’t work for the company directly but for a callcenter-subcontracter. This particular company also handed the anti-terrorism line for our government, which was created after Bataclan. I was one of the volunteers for that subdivision.

So, this particular story didn’t happen to me but to a kind coworker whose name was unfortunately very recognizable as muslim. He takes a call for the anti-terrorism hotline and off course introduces himself. This asshole on the other end immediatly started slinging out racial slurs and demanding a citizen because “people like him were the readon for the attacks”. My coworker was visibly upset but luckily it was noticed by the floormanager on duty, who also happened the be the baddest bitch in town (positively). She took over the call and proceded to give said caller a dressing down that would make Shakepeare blush. For what I’ve heard it was glorious.

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Oh the stupid…

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