Take My Payment!

Boy am I glad to have found this thread. I have hundreds of stories to tell. One that comes to mind right now.

BEEP Me: Welcome to credit card services, how may I help you?


Me:I’m more than happy to process your payment, thank you for taking the time to call in and take care of it. Will you please tell me your account #?

Old Lady:Do you need the full number?

Me: (not psychic) Yes please so I may verify your account information.

Old Lady: okay its 2849.

Me:May I please have the whole account number?

Old Lady: sighs unhappily and reads whole number

At this point I’m just happy she has an account number, most of my customers dont. I get to the part where it’s time to enter her payment info.

Me: Okay Ms, May I please have your debit card number?

Old Lady- beep beep beep beep (Shes pressing phone buttons)

Me-Everything okay Ms? I’ll just need the debit card number.

Old Lady- I just entered it in! DIDNT YOU GET IT?!

Me- Ms I have no way of knowing the numbers you entered on the phone, can you please tell me your debit card number?

Old lady- sighs angrily JUST DO YOUR JOB AND TAKE MY PAYMENT!

Me- (feeling like crying and punching something at the same time) Certainly! I’m trying my best to process your payment. I’ll just need that debit card number.

Old lady-angrily gives me account #.

She also rated me a zero on my survey and I got a stern talking to from my boss so that was fun too.

*sorry for formatting I’m on mobile.

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