You know these calls are recorded right?

So I work as a Customer Service rep for a rather large mobile telephone provider. There is one call that still bothers me to this day about how absolutely crazy it was.

This call was actually a transfer to me from our external tech support line. The rep was rather nice. I will be Me, TR will be the Tech Rep, and D will be the douche-y customer.

M: Thank you for calling this is SuperReekon, can I have your name please?

TR: Hi SuperReekon, I am TechRep and I have a customer named Douche on the other line. He has called in to Tech Support multiple times about his device and wants to know what can be done about getting his phone replaced.

M: Huh, well he has had the device less than 6 months, and has insurance as well. What is wrong with the phone?

TR: The device updated to Android 8 and he doesn’t like it. He wants a new phone.

M: Yeah, he still owes over 700 dollars on the device he currently has… so unless he is paying that off, that is the only way to get a new phone. If there is a defect, you guys can replace it or he can file an insurance claim. However in both options that do not involve him paying 700 dollars, he’s gonna run into the same issue. The device is going to update.

TR: I told him that too, but he wanted to talk to customer service.

M: Okay, I guess, send him on in.

TR: Sure.

The tech rep conferences the call

TR: Hi there, thank you so much for holding Douche, this is SuperReekon, from customer service and he will be taking over this call. Have a wonderful day!

M: Hello Douche, so TechRep was telling me what was going on. I see that your device updated to the newest software and you are not a fan of it?

D: Correct, and I have been on the phone with Tech Support, the manufacturer of the phone, and now you and I need to get this fixed NOW or I am changing carriers.

M: Well I am sorry you feel that way, but the issue is… there isn’t one. Your phone is working perfectly fine, it isn’t damaged, and all of our warranty replacements will be the same phone.

D: That sounds like YOUR problem doesn’t it? I want a new phone.

M: Then you have to pay off your old one and you can upgrade to a new one.

D: If I have to spend a single cent for this I am going to [competitor]

M: If you do that, you are welcome to, however you still need to pay off your phone.

D: So are you a rep of this company telling me the only solution to my issue is to go to [competitor]?? I will be calling corporate about this.

M: I in no way suggested that. I am telling you no matter what you have to finish paying off your current phone before you can get a new one, and blaming the phone company for an update that is put through by the phone manufacturer is not going to help anything. IF you changed companies, the other carrier would have the exact same issue.

D: I want a supervisor.

M: I would happily get you one, but they have all gone home for the day. I can have a supervisor call you when they get in tomorrow morning, if that is okay? I am letting you know now that they won’t be able to do anything for you in regards to this. Best I can offer you is to waive your upgrade fees if you want to buy out your phone.

D: Nope, still want a supervisor.

SO I go though the process of setting up a call back with my supervisor in the morning. I explain to him what is going on, but first pull up his account to give the information to him. The customer had called in 2 more times after talking to me and the other reps gave him the same story. He then contacted Executive Relations about my conduct (He claimed I called him a bunch of slurs relating to his sexuality beginning with the letter F) and they reviewed the call. Because I was nothing but professional and obviously did not call him any of those things, I did not get in trouble. Out of curiosity, I checked his account a week later to see if he ever got his phone replaced.

He called in and apparently threatened a rep. So his service was immediately terminated. Glad he isn’t our problem anymore.

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