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I don’t know about ya’ll but where I work we’re trained in the Four Customer Types: Directors (tercit assholes), Feelers (needy people), Thinkers (argumentative suckers), and Entertainers (Trolls). However, I learned today that even though most folks fall under the hidden description, some are genuinely cool.

I do tech support for that one fruity phone company and a guy came in with an issue and described what he’d done to fix it. This was my goofy self’s time to shine and I figured I’d share the tidbit that made the rest if the day bearable.

Customer: I’ve tried everything! Turning it off and on again, resetting all settings, restoring it to factory settings, prayer, and even unicorn horn dust.

Me: Well was the dust freely given or taken through an act of aggression? Where did you get it from?

C: Third party source. Now that I think about it, it did smell of ancient conflict.

M: See that’s why you gotta get your stuff from places that are UWB certified. The Unicorn Wellness Beaureu makes sure that all their stuff is legit. It’s more expensive but it’s a superior product.

This, of course, was interspersed with srsbsnss but the fact that the customer played along let me build a rapport and made the whole thing more pleasant for both of us. It was a very fun chat with a genuine Entertainer that really made my day. Didn’t get a survey from them, but after the smile I had during the chat, I’m not even bothered!

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