Screw that place, walked out in style.

I worked at a telemarketing place out of high school for about 3 weeks. We did surveys for companies to see what their customers liked/disliked about them. We worked from paper, not a computer, this was over 20 years ago. There were probably 15 of us, and two floor managers who monitored calls. One big boss in the back.

If the person wasn’t home we would mark the paper as call back in an hour, call back tomorrow, etc., then put the paper back into circulation and follow the last persons notes.

One night the two floor managers started yelling at me across the room and wouldn’t stop, when I got a little off script and I couldn’t hear the phone call because they were being so loud. Later I called a lady asking for her husband, which was the customer, and she tells me she’s already told us 5 times that night he wouldn’t be home until the next day. The paper wasn’t marked correctly so I marked it ‘don’t call back tonight’ and circled it and put stars beside it to make sure everyone would see it.

I went to complain to the managers that this paper system didn’t work well and they needed a separate box for the next day, instead of lumping all call backs into the same bin to be grabbed by whomever when their stack was low.

The big boss heard me and called me in and I told him about them yelling while I was on the phone instead of correcting me after the call was over. Mentioned my frustration with the system they had. He told me if I didn’t like it I could leave and any retard could do the job. Pissed me off. Luckily this was the first day after I got paid and only worked about 4 hours a day at minimum wage. In my rage I saw his softball trophy shelf including a glove and bat. I grabbed the bat and smashed the shit out of his lamp and told him he could keep this retards pay for the day and walked out.

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