Genderal neutral names and old men

So I’ve been reading these talesfrom subs and I thought maybe there might be a call center one and I am so happy that I was right.

I worked in a community college call center where we had to help students with everything from registration and financial aid to community education classes like pottery and lapidary. So it got a bit crazy and I still have no idea how I lasted 2 years, but here’s my favorite story.

I have no memory as to why this man called, but he was about my dad’s age 60+ and this is what I got when I told him my age:

OM (old man): “you know, your name is a guy’s name” Me: “yeah I got that a lot growing up, I’m sure I’ll continue getting that” OM: “you’re not one of those trannies like that Caitlyn Jenner are you?” Me: “…laughs awkwardly what?” OM: “laughing sorry, sorry I just have an off sense of humor” Me: “really wishing we weren’t recording so I could tell him we both know he was being a dick, just admit it

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Screw that place, walked out in style.