Oh the stupid…

Oh the stupid…how to these ppl even dress themselves in the morning is beyond me. .. I had a guy call yesterday that was mad he hadn’t had internet and phone for a month. I looked at the notes and he had only called once and it was during an outage a month ago.

He said “Yeah, we went on vacation and thought when we come back we’d have service. How long does it take to fix an outage!?!” I informed him that the outage had BEEN resolved but his equipment needed to be power cycled in order to re establish a connection. We did that and the internet was back online but the phone was not. He wanted a tech but I said we need to troubleshoot everything bc it may be something we could resolve over the phone. He was still mad because this “wasn’t his job”. Turns out that the phone was not plugged into the modem.

You’d think that would be the end of it, right? Nope. He wanted credit for the month his service wasn’t working! Hahahahaha!

I explained to him that his services were working. His modem was back online and his phone would have worked if it had been plugged into the modem. That he hadn’t call us once in all that time to troubleshoot. He said “Because I was gone on VACATION!! So we couldn’t call. And we didn’t use the serve when we were gone so you owe me a months credit!’

I said “Sir, we don’t know there’s a problem if you don’t call us. And I understand you were away. However, your service WAS working but even if it wasn’t we wouldn’t have known that and if we DID know we couldn’t troubleshoot without someone there. That being said, if your service HAD been working properly when you left on vacation, you STILL wouldn’t have used it for that month because you were gone but you would still owe the payment for that month. Your services WERE working while you were away and your phone didn’t work because you didn’t have it plugged into the modem. So I’m sorry but I am not going to credit you. Please, anytime you have service interruption call us so that we can get the issue resolved for you as soon as possible.”

He said “Well fine. I’m canceling my service and going with someone else!” I said “ Sir, would you like for me to transfer you to retention?”

He said “Who is that? Are they the ones that can give me my credit??” I said “No sir; they are the ones who can disconnect your service for you.” He said “No!!! I’m not gonna do it NOW!!” My reply was “Oh. Ok. Well,was there anything else I can help you with?” He said “No!! you HAVEN’T assisted me yet! I WANT my credit!” I replied “You were unable to get online because your equipment needed a power cycle and the phone didn’t work because it wasn’t plugged into the modem. Both are working now. Is there anything else?”

He hung up 😂😂😂

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