Our system is screwing up your order because Umm… what?

I had this call yesterday where I work. Our address verification system on the website sucks and will often flag addresses with mixed letters and numbers (like 3B’S & K which is a real road or a house number like 350A), PO Boxes, or Apartment/suite numbers as invalid. This leads to us having to take manual orders.

So basically I start opening the form for taking a manual order while he natters on about the tax being wrong and the system kept making him order 4 of the item and he only wanted 3. I explain that I will have to take a manual order because it sounds like there may be multiple issues with the website. You know if you have ever worked for customer service for a place that orders, the last two issues are customer error. But rather than take the extra 15 minutes and discover that he still can’t figure out how to edit his cart to show the right amount of product before he tries to place the order, a manual order is gonna save me time and effort. His response actually caused me to completely go silent and have to mentally scramble to a) not laugh and b) pretend I did not hear him.

He literally asked if our system was causing issues because he voted for Trump. Like completely serious sounding. I have no idea if he was being serious or thought it would be a funny joke. All it caused was awkward silence and me wanting to get this guy off the phone before I cracked up.

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I just want to go to bed, you’ve lost a customer, I want to speak to your manager.

"But like… How"