I just want to go to bed, you’ve lost a customer, I want to speak to your manager.

Long story short. Fixed the problem, credited the customer, offered to transfer to another department to fix another small issue I just couldn’t access, or to billing to answer some questions about the bill (cust was constantly paying late, so that probably had something to do with it)

Cust: No you know what. I just want to go to bed. All this work and all I get is a lousy X dollar credit. You have just lost a customer

Me: I’m sorry I couldn’t get this resolved to your liking. If you would like, I can get you in touch with the people who can do things I can’t to make this right by you.

Cust: Did you hear me? I. Am. Tired. I want. To go. To bed. I want to talk to your manager, have your manager call me.

Now I can’t actually do that. You have to speak to the manager or manager support team before you can get a manager callback.

Me: just a moment. hold

I then reach out to our management support team and explain the situation including the last bit about wanting to go to bed.

Support: oh so she hung up? I’ll note the act but there’s not much else we can do.

Me: no. She’s still there. Waiting. Not going to bed.

Support: ô-ooookay. Send her over.

Overheard my manager talking to the support guy I had spoken to later, they were just as confused by her actions.

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