Can I speak to someone from the United States? I don’t want to talk to anyone living in a jungle who gets paid 50 cents a day.

I don’t know if this counts as r/pettyrevenge but this happened at a call center so I’m posting this here. I didn’t handle this call. I’m a supervisor and my agent did. Coming from a different country, this has always been a daily scenario and nobody really minds. Caller wants someone else stateside, okay. I’ll transfer you over to my supervisor. If you don’t want that either…Fine, I’ll transfer you to their department. What isn’t nice is when the caller starts being racist onset of the call. I mean, we all get it. English is our second language and we don’t have the same accent as most Americans have. That doesn’t mean you can be a piece of shit. Remember, you called because you needed help, not because you’re some kind of higher human being and just wanted to insult people. This happened a month ago. Caller calls in asking for someone in the US, rep takes ownership and offers help but ‘hell nah, you live in a jungle who doesn’t even get paid 1% of what I do so fuck off’. Rep escalated the call to a supervisor but caller didn’t want that either and started being mean. Rep did transfer the call to me anyway because that’s a part of our policy. Started my opening spiel and caller thought I was from the US so okay. I didn’t need to correct her just to go through the same bullcrap again. Turned out she was just asking for credits. (I work for a telco company btw). Nope. You just insulted my rep who was very generous she gets called out for it almost every single month. Also, caller had a very very VERY bad credit and survived one full year without paying anything because her bill was always being removed by the retention department (which happened to be stateside) Caller got mad and asked me where I was located. We don’t lie to our customers so I had to admit I was the previous rep’s supervisor. She started being racist, saying she gets paid $40 an hour and she doesn’t want to do transactions with anyone who lives in a jungle and gets paid 50 cents a day. Caller went on saying we can only get out of poverty when we either marry Americans or scrub their toilets. Now that’s offensive as hell. Maybe I took it personally but my older friend used to be a nanny in a different country (not in the US though) and she was so nice but she was killed by the people she used to work for. All because she was from our country. I responded with ‘wow that’s a lot miss ******. I was just wondering why you haven’t paid your bills for 11 months with that rate’ At that point, I knew that was a mistreat but I didn’t care anymore. Caller got super mad and demanded a US rep but there was no way I would be transferring her over. I didn’t release the call. I wanted to upset her more. I, however, transferred her back to my rep who handled her earlier and she was already screaming when she was transferred back to me. Did the same thing for a couple of times until she demanded to cancel her account with us. She was always doing that when she couldn’t get what she wanted, and she would always be transferred to retention and they would always do their part to save her. NOPE. Not this time. I confirmed her request and this caller, who was a credit abuser, thought she would be transferred to retention, said yes. Okay. I cancelled the account and the call got disconnected. Bye Felicia. eoc.

LPT: be nice when you’re calling customer service. We tend to give what our customers want if they’re not racist and mean.

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"Ma’am, you’ll need a receipt from a cleaning service before we go back…"

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