No, you can’t get a free game

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I work in a call center for a video game company. Like most places in America, our warranty doesn’t cover lost or stolen items, but sometimes supervisors can be nice and throw folks a free game or credit to the online store if they feel the situation warrants it. However, there’s nothing we hate more than someone who’s gotten one of these exceptions and comes back and demands we do it again.

Enter entitled 14 year old (E14)

E14: hi yeah I lost my copy of Very Popular Game, you guys gave me some credit to buy the dlc last year so now you have to replace the game for me. Just send the download code to my email.

Me: I double check his account and yep, we sure did Well, our warranty doesn’t cover lost items unfortunately, and if we gave you something like that previously, that was a special one time thing. We wouldn’t be able to give you a free replacement

E14: excuse me? I’ve been waiting to get to an agent for half an hour, and I NEED a replacement!

I’m a bit taken aback at this, I don’t often get kids pulling the “compensate me for making me wait” shtick. This goes back and forth a few times, the kid getting more annoyed.

E14: I have my receipt! I can prove I bought it!

Me: And while that’s all fine and good, there’s not much we can do with that. We have no way of knowing if you gave it to a friend or sold it.

E14: I need a way to get this game digitally, now!!

Me: Well, you could always buy it on our online store

E14: This is unreasonable, send me to your supervisor.

I laugh at this internally, as I’m normally a supervisor myself, but this day I’m doing tier 1 calls. I comply with the request and send him right up. To my delight, my coworker sitting behind me gets him. He’ll be SU.

SU: Hello, so I hear you’re looking to get a replacement for your lost copy of Very Popular Game?

E14: Yes! You guys gave me credit before so I know you can do this for me. I need a way to play the game again! I have a copy of my receipt and everything!

SU: Okay, and where is this receipt from?

E14: Gamestop

SU: Alright, now have you tried going back to gamestop, shown them your receipt and try to get them to give you a new one?

E14: What? No, why would I do that, they wouldn’t do that.

SU: Then why would we?

There was a long pause, and then we get the glorious sound we all hope for on difficult calls:


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