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I work at a center that takes customer service calls for a number of credit unions across the US. I am specifically in the cards department.

I will refer to this caller as RM, for radio man.

A call comes in and no card number pops. I introduce myself, identify my department, and ask if the card number is available.

RM: No, but can you search by my Radio ID?

Now due to the number of different credit unions we service, I thought maybe this was a particular CU’s term for their member number. I don’t have account access, just cards, so I can’t search with the member number.

Me: sir, why don’t we try pulling you up using your full name and zip code.

RM: gives info

Me: Hm, I didn’t pull anything up using that. Are you calling about a debit or credit card?

RM: Who am I calling? Is this Sirius radio?

Me: no sir, you’ve called your credit union.

RM: wha-? Oh damn that explains it. hangs up

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You know these calls are recorded right?

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