I dont know you.

This happened about 7 years ago when I was working in a banking call centre.

He will be AH I’ll be nick haha

Nick: ” Thanks for calling generic bank how can I help you?”

AH ” Hi I just wanna transfer some money to someone else as I don’t know how to use the app”

Nick: ” sure no problem do you have your 3 digit code to get into your account plus dob full name and address”

AH ” I don’t know the f***ing code”

Nick: ” No problem at all I’ll just have to ask you a few security questions just so I can access your account “

AH: ” fine whatever ask”

Ask him generic questions like his security word, where he opened the account, amounts in each, how many accounts he has and what types and a recent transaction

Gets them all wrong.

Nick: ” sorry I wasn’t able to confirm your identity I’ve had to put a block on your cards you’ll have to go into the branch with your birth certificate to get the block taken off your cards”

AH: ” do you know who the f**K I am???”

Nick: ” unfortunately I don’t that’s why I’ve put on a block on your card”

AH: ” I’ll smash you just wait I’ll come to your office ”

Nick ” ok mate I’m terminating the call bye”. AH: unintelligible screeching


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