Just get an Obamaphone, please

I work for a cell carrier in the US. It’s one of the more expensive ones. We have both postpaid and prepaid services. I work for postpaid. I do chat for technical support, but sometimes have to do billing as well. Prepaid’s chat can only be accessed if you have a smartphone, which this customer did not have. (I’ve shortened this slightly.)

For non-Americans, Obamaphones are free crappy phones you can get from the government that are for poor people.

This literally happened 3 hours ago.

Cust: i need $100 yr again

Me: Hello, my name is Josh. Thank you for contacting (carrier). I will be happy to assist you with your account. To begin with, may I have your phone number?


Me: Oh, I’m very sorry, this is a prepaid account. You will need to reach out to our prepaid department, their number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Cust: my phone suspended. I can’t pay anything until Sept.

Me: Oh, no! I’m sorry to hear about your phone being suspended. You can always still call into customer service on a suspended phone. Prepaid can help you with making arrangements.

Cust: I need $100/yr plan again.

Me: I’m very sorry, you will need to talk to prepaid about any plan changes. I’m looking on their website, here, and I’m showing their cheapest plan is $30 a month.

Cust: you’re not helping.

Me: I can understand being frustrated if you’re not speaking to the correct department. Unfortunately, I am not able to access prepaid accounts.

(She doesn’t respond to me for several minutes, so I start non-responsing her.)

Me: I haven’t heard from you in a while, is everything going well?


Me: I’m sorry you’re frustrated. I want to make sure everything gets handled for you. Please reach out to our Prepaid department so that we can assist you today.

Cust: i can’t call in, it make me make payment.

Me: Oh, no, is there another phone you could call in from?

Cust: im so pissed with (carrier) right now.

Me: I understand you’re frustrated, is there another phone you could possibly use to call in?

Cust: my hubby not have phone. i can’t pay anything until sept. i need $100 for yr.

Me: I’m sorry, you will have to call in in order to speak about plan options with Prepaid.

Cust: i have landline.

Me: Great! Could you please call into prepaid with your landline?

Cust: no if i call in ill cuss, yell, scream

Me: You’re going to have to call in in order to get service.

Cust: no if i call I cuss yell scream

Me: You’re going to have to call in.

(This is where she closed chat on me.)

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