Family? Let’s mess with them.

Back in the mid-1990s I worked for a local phone center. It paid better than twice minimum wage so all in all not a bad place to work. Except – I worked for a psychic line. Yes, Kabrina Kincaid, Sylvester Stallone’s mom, Miss Cleo. We answered for them all. I don’t feel bad for naming names because none of these are still going, at least not being answered by our company. Now our company did not just answer psychic lines, they also did adult chat lines, but that is a story for another day.

Today’s story is actually what happened to my ex while he was working there for a few months. Now it is not uncommon for us to play with customers especially when it would be so easy to do. There use to be a disclaimer that said for entertainment purposes only. They were referring to our entertainment. This caller in particular just happened to luck into his cousin answering the call. Cold caller with no caller ID – recognized solely by voice, his first name, and birth date. Of course being his cousin, he knows all the family dirt.

So thus begins the hijinks. The said cousin’s mother died when he was young, so of course my husband told him that C’s mom would be very disappointed with him. And proceeded to tell him how his mom died in an accident. He then threw out the he should have used the inheritance for school, not buying a rc car track that went under in less than 6 months. Referred to the fact that he hadn’t spoken to anyone in the family for over a year. The entire time between “pronouncements” of how much trash this kids was pulling, my ex was sitting there with the giggles. But good news was he straightened his life up within a few months.

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