I need someone IMMEDIATELY

This was just bizarre.

Me: (Company), this is sh605, what can I do for you today?

Caller: I’m calling from my office, one of my employees is at the pump and his card isn’t working!! Is there something else we need to do to activate the card?

Me: Sorry? I think you’ve got the wrong number. This is an accounting office for (Company). We’re a third party travel company.

C: Well he’s stranded! He has no gas and his card keeps declining!

Me: That’s terrible. I’m sorry I can’t help you, this is a company that books rooms for hotels, you know? You should take a second look at the number you’ve dialed, you have the wrong company.

C: Well I need someone who can help on the phone with me immediately. This is UNACCEPTABLE, I’ve been trying to get this fixed all afternoon! I want your name so I can tell your boss how unhelpful-

Me: MA’AM. LISTEN TO ME. You have the wrong number!

C: You’re (Company that sounds nothing like what I’ve said twice)?

Me: No. This is Company.

C: How did I get your number?

Me: No idea…

C: grumbling about wasting her time and hanging up

Who the hell doesn’t understand WRONG NUMBER??

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