I hate the iPhone

I started working in call centers in 2010. I started for a wireless company before I moved on to other projects. My first iPhone release was the 4s in October 2011, the day after Steve Jobs passed away. We got unlimited overtime on the day we could take pre orders and basically 9.5 out of every 10 calls were about the iPhone.

I dont know what it is about the iPhone that brings out the worst on people. Some highlights from that day include people trying to upgrade to the iPhone a month after they had already upgraded. A customer complaining about us not caring for their loyal customers (His account had been open for 2 or 3 months) people cussing me out because they were not eligible for upgrade or because we could not give them the phone for free. My favorite customer though was a lady that was eligible for an upgrade.

Me; Ok ma’am it does look like you are eligible for an upgrade, no the phone gets released on random day, but we can order it for you now.

Lady: You know I’m just glad that Steve Jobs created such a wonderful tool for us to use. In his honor I think we should be able to get the device discounted, as I think he would want us to be able to enjoy his invention.

Me; Wa…wha… huh? I’m sorry?

Lady: I just think that the phone should be discounted for us that would like to honor Steve Jobs.

Me: We cannot change the prices on these phones.

Lady: That’s not fair.

Me: Sorry ma’am I can process an order and you’ll get…..

Lady: Let me speak to your supervisor.

Our supervisors were swamped that day. They asked us to get call back numbers

Me: I can get you a supervisor no problem, but the wait time is 20 minutes or more. He will tell you the same thing. If I can get a good callback number and I’ll pass it….

Lady: I can wait….

I keep checking back every two minutes, then after 20 minutes I decide to try one last time.

Me: Thanks for holdin……

Lady: I find it unacceptable to wait tu his long for someone that wants to help me….. I really think I should get a discount for that.

After 45 minutes a random manager got her information from me and had me transfer. I did not care to follow up on that I’m sure she got nothing.

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