One-sided Call Center Phone Tag with Mediacom

So it isnt often that a call center has to call another call center, (sometimes I wish we had a code to let them know we know what we are talking about) but we had to call Mediacom on behalf of a remote office we did IT support for long story short: their tech arrived, said the problem was outside the building and he would have to send other technicians. He never sent anyone else.

FFW a week and the lady that runs the remote office is furious they haven’t had internet for a week. I call mediacom back, they try to walk me through the troubleshooting steps, I try to explain this isnt about that and troubleshooting a system we troubleshot last week makes no difference, I humor them and have to loop the remote office into the call to get them to follow the steps. Now…heres where the breakdown occurs, our phones are from the late 90s so when you merge a call into a new one you “transfer” it to an open line and dial the third person. I tell them I’m going to loop the office in and it is going to put them on hold he says it’s fine, I hit transfer and dial, while it is ringing the other call center guy hangs up and the dead tone is ringing in both mine and the other lady’s ear. I tell her I’ll call back in a second.

I give him the benefit of the doubt that our phones are old or maybe his line dropped idk, things like this happen.

I call mediacom back, go through the robot, it resets our still dead router, I spam 0 and say representative as I usually do to get connected. I explain the situation, he asks to speak to the on site personnel (furious lady) so I start the transfer again, connect everyone and he tells her, after sounding very understanding with me, that the robot just reset our modem and it would take 5 minutes to come back up and then promptly hangs up. I have to spend a minute explaining what he meant to the lady and that I would try again.

I am a bit annoyed but resolute in getting this ticket closed.

Call mediacom, try to get a rep before the robot resets the modem again, (turns out you cant if you call the customer service line about an internet issue) get to a rep, explain everything, try to tell them troubleshooting isnt even what I need to talk about, they say it is required before they move forward, I allow it because i know how it is. I loop the lady in and as soon as everyone is connected his line drops.

Out of frustration I leveled with the furious lady and said I was pretty over them too. I then gave her their account information and told her if she wants to chew their ear off she is more than welcome. Normally we try to stay between the techs and the users but this time was different, she was capable and familiar with the system enough that I wasnt worried about how she would handle it and generally I think she was thrilled to be the point of contact instead of having to go through us first.

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