"Thanks For Wasting My Time"

This is gonna be vague, but it has to be. But I’m just so baffled.

CUST: I got a letter in the mail from [third party company]. Can you tell me if they’re a foreign source?

Me: Unfortunately they’re a separate company from us so I can’t be 100% about where they get their resources from.

CUST: Well, are they union?

Me internally: what?

Me: I have no idea, sir. Like I said, they’re a separate company.

CUST: Well you work for [my company], are YOU union?

Me: I don’t really think that’s necessary to be discussing with you.

CUST: Well why not? Just tell me, are you union?

Me: I’m sure if you need to know that bad you can look online and see whether my position is a union position. I’m not discussing it, it’s not relevant to your account or billing.

CUST: Yeah, well, thanks for wasting my time. I’m done doing business with you. click

As an aside, the only way he can be done with us is if he moves, so good luck to him I guess.

I don’t understand AT ALL why it matters to anyone whether a company is union or not. I’m so beyond baffled by this guy.

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