Heartfelt email from the customer leads to ban

I worked for a third party logistics company for a few years and we did home deliveries of large items for a few big retailers. One of the retailers needed a signature for their deliveries so people would have to take time from work since we didn’t typically do weekend or after hour deliveries.

Well one day I get a customer who requested to speak to a manager so I got the pleasure of speaking with them. After reading the tracking notes, we had been unable to contact the guest so no appointment had been set up. For some reason, the guest took off work expecting it to be that day although there had been zero communication between us and through a fit that we didn’t know to deliver.

The customer was screaming for a few minutes and I kept trying to explain to him but had no luck as I wasn’t able to talk. Regardless of if we scheduled something or not, he did take off work so I decided to try to help him since I don’t have unlimited PTO and I thought that the policy of making people miss work is bull. I managed to calm him down and told him I’d call him back with an update since I’d have to find someone to run this to him.

Well I start making some calls and I get an email forwarded to me from our customer service box which reads as follows;


Had to take an afternoon off for you ignorant cocksuckers to deliver only to have you call after the delivery time to tell me no one verified delivery. WRONG. Your time is more important than mine. Fuck you! I hope everyone in your company and family gets incurable cancer and dies a slow agonizing death you worthless piece of shit. Go fuck yourselves

Deciding this was something that required immediate attention, I look up the email address in our system and lone behold, it was the same customer. After figuring that out I made the decision to call the customer and tell him that we are not going to deliver the item today or ever and that we were sending it back to the shipper.

As you can imagine, the customer lost their mind. After a pretty lengthy tirade filled with profanity and threats, I disconnected the call with a smile on my face.

A week later another supervisor call comes through and wouldn’t you know, it’s him. He reordered the item but this time was as nice as could be and played dumb about the whole ordeal so I also played dumb. I told him I would get it delivered ASAP and would call him with an update about what day we can deliver it.

At the end of the day he called me back and I told him we were also sending this one back as well and that we would not ship anything for him going forward. As you can imagine, he lost his mind again.

All of this for a cheap plastic kayak….

TL:DR; Customer wished incurable cancer on coworkers and family so we sent their item back and banned them from shipping with us again

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Any one else have to involve the police because of customers threatening to kill themselves or others?

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