Any one else have to involve the police because of customers threatening to kill themselves or others?

I work for credit card collections. Just so you know, it is mostly helping people get on plans and lower payments /interest. We are not aggressive in any sense of the word. 3-4 times I’ve had someone say they were going to kill themselves and hang up. Most of the time they say it sarcastically, “I don’t have any money, so I might as well just kill myself. click” Only once did it seem pretty serious as the person was crying and very upset about their situation that led them to collections. Regardless of how sarcastic they sound, we have to involve the police. I had one guy call back screaming about how we had embarrassed him by sending authorities to do a wellness check on him (but what else are we supposed to do???). Also had one person (who had been screaming about Obama and being racist the whole time) threaten to bomb the call center I was in. He had asked where we were located earlier in the call, so that was particularly spooky. What are your guys’ stories?

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