Cutoff your nose to spite your face?

I work for a very large bank. I, unfortunately, handle accounts where the account holder has passed away. Due to federal and state laws, the only way that we can give information about an account is to have court paperwork. So, we can give very general information in our department, but other departments will not speak with the third parties at all.

So lady calls in in regards to her fathers account. Apparently she had been trying to get information about a notice that was received, but the hold time for the department is quite long and ultimately, they wouldn’t speak with her.

So of course, she complains about how terrible our customer service is. She says that she works for a non-profit and we are very charitable to her non- profit, but she was going to make sure that her board of directors know how shitty we have treated her. And i can only think of what impact she is trying to have by that “threat”. Are you thinking your board of directors will stop accepting MUCH NEEDED DONATIONS because legally we cannot talk to you until you acquire the appropriate documentation? How much of our donation keeps your non-profit running and pays you directly?

Sometimes the threats we get make no sense.

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