Got called a Code Monkey, because thats an insult now…

Someone mentioned that I should post this here… xpost from r/idontworkherelady

So I work for a company that provides software for dance studios and today I got a call with problems that someone was having. I’ll be Me and the customer will be I for Idiot:

Me: Hello sir, how can I help you today?

I: Hello, I am looking to have my credit card removed from your system. Your company keeps calling me to collect payment but I will never pay you! So just stop trying!

I should mention at this point that I do not have access to any of our customer’s customers information because that would be a pretty big breach. I also don’t do things like run their cards, process payments, anything like that. I work directly with the software/studio owner, nothing to do with any of their customers.

Me: I’m sorry sir but you will need to contact the studio and work this out with them. We are just the software provider and we cannot settle anything when it comes to payments

I: Well that’s too bad because it is your problem now. You made the software, so you can fix this!

ME: No, I really can’t and I wouldn’t even if I had the ability. That would be a major breach on the trust our customers have in our software.

I: Well too bad, it is your problem now and it must be resolved today. Do your job code monkey! (Yep, he actually called me that… I don’t even code…)

After that they hung up so I basically just sat there kind of shocked that Code Monkey was a real insult and what I should do about this. So I called the studio, mentioned the guy’s name and oy did they have plenty to say about him… Apparently he agreed to pay for a full year of his daughter’s ballet classes but whenever they ran his card it would get declined because it was over $500 or something dumb. Basically, he kept coming to classes and kept saying he would take care of it until he finally had some outburst for something unrelated and they asked him to leave the studio, basically blacklisted him. They are still trying to collect payment for 2 months of lessons that he basically stole and he was trying to get me to stop the collections calls.

TL;DR; Customer of my customer calls me and asks me to do something probably illegal, I say no, he gets pissed and calls me a code monkey

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