Cow trucker

Me:Thanks for calling A company that name doesn’t rhyme with flubrub how may I help you?

CX: (SUPER THICK SOUTHER DRAW) My NOT tickets won’t print.

Me: I’m sorry to hear that, luckily it’s an easy fix. Let’s get into that account and get these NOT tickets taken care of. What’s your email address?


Me: alright well that doesn’t pull anything up, hmm let’s try your number.

Me:that didn’t work either. Let’s go back to that email. What was it again?


Me: I’ll be honest sir, I’m having a hard time getting the spelling right with your accent. It’s a bit different than here in upstate. Can you help me spell that?

CX: kale! kale trucker! It’s easy! I’m a trucker. I truck kales!

Me: uh, sorry sir. I don’t mean to upset you. What is that first word?

CX: dammit you can’t spell can you?‽ kale, like kale, moo kale, on the farm, moo kale trucker is my email.

Me: OOOH COW! So is the email moocowtrucker?

CX: yes

Me: ok, that doesn’t work either

CX: dammit I told you me email was cowtrucker, it’s not anything else!

Me: oh, ok, so it’s just cowtrucker. Got it. Ok we are in. Your NOT tickets are right here. I’ll get those emailed over and you’ll get them right away.

CX: thanks

Me: ending.

Oh this guy was ridiculous. It was totally my fault because I couldn’t understand him at all, but it’s been a few years and I can remember his voice 😝 moocowtrucker.

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