“Well that’s your problem!”

(Just looking to vent)

Customer called today to make a withdrawal from his account (financial services company). I asked him for his account number and the following ensued:

(M-Me C-Customer)

M: “I will need your account number to do that for you sir, do you have it?”

C:”Yes it’s 123456”

M: “Sir all our account numbers are formatted like AB1234 that number you gave me isn’t a valid account number”

C: “Well that’s your problem, hurry up and load the account so I can get my money”

M: “I won’t be able to load the account sir without your account number”

C: “I told you to hurry up and just do it stop causing problems”

What does he think I’m going to do? Magic an account number out of nowhere? He hadn’t even told me his name at this point!

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